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If management is not receiving accurate and timely financial information they cannot make effective decisions nor correct any problems that may occur.  For this reason, we recommend that your business have monthly or quarterly financial statements with related monthly meetings.  We offer a full range of services to help business and individuals stay on track financially.

These services include:

  • Preparation of compiled financial statements
  • Consulting on accounting software set up and bookkeeping support
  • Financial and business consulting
  • Consulting on startup of new business, including:
    • Organizational structure – S Corp vs C Corp
    • Accounting method – cash vs accrual
    • Corporate year-end – fiscal vs calendar
    • Selection and set up of manual and computerized accounting systems
    • Accounting staff selection and training
    • Financial forecasts and projections – Budget preparation
    • Analysis and negotiation of profitable contracts
    • Business dissolutions and separations
    • S Corporation conversion
    • Appropriate asset acquisitions along with related financing arrangements
    • Determination of appropriate management fees and building rental rates between the corporation and related parties
  • Pension accounting
  • Personal financial statements

Tax Services

Ball & Daddino can prepare and file your tax returns.  We help our business and individual clients with strategic tax planning which can help to minimize taxes and take advantage of deductions and credits that often go un-utilized.

Our tax services include:

  • Individual and corporate tax
  • Partnership/LLC/LLP
  • Trust
  • Year round strategic tax planning
  • Federal and state tax credits
  • IRS and other government agency correspondence and representation
  • Assist with Enterprise Zone and Empowerment Zone tax credits


We provide a full service payroll service.  Businesses often find that payroll is a complicated chore that can lead to penalties if forms and taxes are not filed and paid on a timely basis.  Our payroll service can help alleviate the stress that payroll can cause.

Our payroll service includes:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semimonthly or monthly payroll processing
  • Direct deposit of payroll checks
  • Initiation of timely payroll tax payments
  • Filing of quarterly and annual payroll tax reports
  • Filing of new employee reports
  • Customized payroll reports
  • Worker’s compensation reports
  • IRS/EDD audit representation

Quickbooks & More

QuickBooks is a great tool for small and medium sized businesses that helps keep track of important financial activity.  Many businesses use QuickBooks and quickly find themselves with a mess including the bank not reconciling, accounts receivables and payables that do not make sense.  Ball and Daddino staff have all been certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors that can help clean up your financial information or can help you set and train your staff so that you are using QuickBooks to its full potential.

Our QuickBooks service include:

  • Set up of company QuickBooks file and chart of accounts
  • Training of client staff on QuickBooks by our Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors staff
  • Clean up of existing file – bank reconciliations, accounts payable, accounts receivable
  • Bill paying and recording of all client transactions

    Other services:

  • Preparation of Form 1099s
  • Form 571 – Business property tax statement
  • City Business Licenses forms
  • Sales tax forms – California State Board of Equalization